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Like the eye of a tiger, these yellow-gold beads appear to hold untold stories and potential energy. The 108 round beads are carved and polished tiger eye crystal. The corresponding mantra as well as the significance of the mala are provided on an attractive insert.

Corresponding mantra: Om Sri Durgayai Nama.

Intention: Meditation, feminine energy.


This natural mala is sought for its capability to carry certain energies and as an item on which a spiritual practice called “Japa” is done. Tiger eye crystal is ideally suited to the mantra to Mother Durga, the invincible form of the Divine Mother. This mala is knotted, providing a space between the beads to allow one to be held at a time for the spiritual practice of Japa.

Name explanation: The tiger eye is the name of the crystal from which the mala beads are carved.

The mantra should be recited with the highest attention and deeply interiorized.” LxWxH: 16.5’’X0.25’’ Product Weight: lb 0.11lb

Tiger Eye Mala

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