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Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coaching is the process of partnering with and guiding you through lifestyle changes with a focus on nutrition and wellbeing.

Who is it for?

Anyone ready to make complete and sustainable lifestyle changes. Since lasting change comes from within, you must be willing and able to make the change for yourself.

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • You’d like to find food and lifestyle choices that feel right for your unique body and goals

  • You are overwhelmed by all of the information about diet and nutrition out there but don’t know where to begin

  • You long to have a healthy relationship with food

  • You’re tired of watching life pass you by and you’d like to live with more intention

  • The opinions of others stop you from living life the way you’d like

  • You use food or other forms of numbing instead of confronting the stressors in life or processing emotions

  • You are tired of the little voice in your head that keeps you small

  • You’re interested in incorporating more plant-based foods or possibly transitioning to a vegan diet

  • Self-care? Who has time for that and what does it even mean?

  • You’ve heard about meditation and mindfulness (or dabbled in it) but don’t know how to incorporate them into your regular routine

  • You feel you’re not living up to your full potential or fulfilling your life’s purpose

  • You have a hard time setting boundaries with yourself and the people in your life

  • You want to bring more awareness to the foods and ingredients you’re putting in your body, and/or the products you’re using on your body and in your home

If you said yes to any of these statements, working with a coach may be right for you.

How I can help you:

As an Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach, I specialize in helping people create lasting change in their lives. I'll help you develop a personalized plan that fits your unique needs and preferences, and provide support every step of the way. With my help, you can finally achieve the health and wellbeing you've always wanted.

Some benefits can include:

  • Reconnect with your body and learn to trust your intuition about what foods and habits are best for YOU

  • A holistic approach to wellbeing - on and off the plate

  • Accountability to take action

  • Self awareness to take back control

  • Personalized care and support

  • Break old habits and build new ones

  • Learn how to create healthy routines

  • Gain clarity on your wishes and goals

What you can expect:


Our initial session will be dedicated to assessing your current wellness and creating a personalized plan to fit your unique needs and goals.


Everyone has pain points when it comes to achieving full body wellness. I’ll work closely with you to help identify.


Since achieving wellness is more than just exercise and diet, I’ll be guiding you toward other helpful practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and more.


Initial Session

In this initial 75-minute Introductory Session, we will look at your health history, current lifestyle habits, and your relationship with food to get a deep understanding of where you’re at. Next up: Collaborative Coaching Sessions

75-Minute Session


Follow Up Session

In follow up coaching sessions, we will review your goals, explore and resolve your challenges, create new opportunities to grow and build on your strengths. You’ll then have the opportunity to discuss any topic you’d like. We’ll finish the session by creating an action plan, and if you choose to continue, set new goals for your next meeting.

60-Minute Session


30-Minute Session


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