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Get Grounded, Feel Good, Free Your Chi & Lots of Other Cool Magical Things.


Whether you're a total newbie to the mystical world of energy-healing or already skilled in chakra meditation know-how, you'll enjoy this smorgasbord of activities to help open, clear, and enhance each of the seven main chakras. By aligning your chakras, "energy centers" in our bodies, you'll flush the bad vibes and channel the good ones. Through non-stuffy exercises (like vice busters, gratitude generators, and fill-in-the-blank meditations), you'll go from asking "what is a chakra?" to becoming a chi whiz! Unlike other chakra books for beginners, this journal packs in over 108 actually fun activities to master self-healing and personal empowerment. Paperback with spot UV, 96 pages; 7.25 x 9-inches; full-color throughout; lay-flat binding. Written by Suzi Barrett, author of the Affirmators! affirmation card series published by Knock Knock.

Chakras Activity Book & Journal

SKU: 673203277793
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