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Your Cost $99

Valued at $179

Saturday, May 7th

1:00 – 4:00 pm


Presented by Caron Barr, Elke Kappner & Rose Bruce


Are you feeling blocked? Yoga + BreathworX is a hands-on workshop that helps to open body and breath to identify and release stress, anxiety, and emotional blockages. The practice guides awareness of what holds us back and provides a space to process, transmute, and release stuck energy. Become your own healer by embracing your personal power through breath.



  • Become aware of and dissolve self-imposed limitations

  • Move beyond the ‘old stories’ that no longer serve you

  • Invigorate your energy body

  • Restore balance

  • Open to infinite possibilities


The Details:

  • Begin the day with an invigorating Chakra Balancing sequence, followed by yoga that targets the energy body, helping to ‘unblock’ sluggish energy. This will bring awareness to areas of stagnation, facilitating flow in the chakras and energy pathways of the body. 

  • Caron and Elke will lead you through the BreathworX practice which is a profound and deeply moving. This unique breathing process stimulates and restores balance in mind, body, and spirit.

  • We will end our time together with grounding and restorative yoga (including Reiki, Thai yoga, and aromatherapy).

  • We will close the day and integrate the experience by creating a space for sacred and non-judgmental sharing if it feels safe for you. It can be helpful to share the insights from breathwork while others are ‘actively listening,’ listening with compassion and understanding and without reacting or giving advice. Bring a journal to capture your experience if you would like.



Bring a friend to the workshop and you will be entered into a raffle with the opportunity to win a gift! 


What To Bring: 

  • Towel

  • Blanket

  • Pillow

  • Mat (optional)

  • Eye pillow (optional)



  • Water

  • Tea

  • Props: bolsters, blocks, mats



  • cardiovascular disease

  • angina

  • heart attack

  • high blood pressure

  • recent injury or surgery 

  • any condition for which you take regular medications

  • history of panic attacks, psychosis, or disturbances 

  • severe mental illness 

  • seizure disorders 

  • family history of aneurisms

  • Pregnancy

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