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​Sanne Kristensen has over 11 years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist and as a Licensed Skin Care Specialist. She is a graduate of the Aveda Institute of Esthiology and Massage Therapy in Fort Lauderdale/Miami Florida, trained in Massage Therapy and Esthiology, specialized in Ayurvedic techniques, Ayurvedic Medicine, and trained utilizing Aveda pure flower and plant essences for wellness. Sanne became a Reiki II Practitioner while studying with Aveda and since then she is certified in Chakra/Meridian/Biofield/Chi energy healing. Sanne is a certified frequency/sound healer, specializing in Tuning Fork Therapy ’TFT’ an ancient Alternative Medicine.

“I integrate energy work, biology, anatomy, holistic therapies, integrative medicine and the principles of quantum physics and quantum entanglement. My personal sensitivity to energy and perceptive intuition, honed through both spiritual gifts and my own transformative healing journey, allows for a deeper connection and understanding of each client's need. This personal touch, combined with multifaceted modalities ensures that every individual receives a customized healing experience. Beyond methods and techniques, it is my values rooted in love, empathy and a genuine desire to uplift every soul that truly sets Supreme Awakening apart. I don’t just aim to guide and heal. I aspire to awaken, inspire and empower every individual to their healing and highest potential. I am a translator who listens to the body's signals (symptoms, dis-ease, challenges, limitations, energies) and explains whats going on. My mission is to provide tools and inner resources for people to embark on an epigenetic step into sustainable health, optimum wellbeing and personal emergence.”

License #MA69579 | #FS885115 • Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Sound Healer, Certified Tuning Fork Practitioner, Certified InnerDialogue™ (Holistic Counseling), Certified Reiki II Practitioner.

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